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Regular Giving

Mission Giving

Thank you for Giving to the Ministry and Community of Hilltop.Church!

Why we give

Giving (Regular/Recurring)

We believe giving is:
An opportunity to partner with God locally and globally, in obedience to God’s Word and to the extension of God’s Kingdom, by regularly contributing financially to the ongoing ministry and community of the local church.


“How much should I give?”

Giving into the local church – Hilltop.Church – is not something we aim to prescribe, but rather something we encourage for every believer.

One widely taught understanding of giving is according to the ‘tithe’ (the first 10% of income). The idea of a ‘tithe’ is often pointed out to be an Old Testament command. According to this understanding, the first 10% is given in obedience to this command, and an offering would describe any amount given beyond that first 10%.

Whatever your stance may be in this area, we encourage 10% as a good starting point for those looking for direction in the area of giving. And regardless of an individual’s stance in this area, giving is an ongoing and very real way of returning to God that which He has already given us, to be prayerfully decided by the giver.

As a final word, we believe a person shouldn’t be going into debt or leaving themselves or their family to ‘go without’ when giving. God is able to provide both what we need for our daily lives, and what we need to give and be a blessing to the church and to others (2 Corinthians 9:10-11).

Mission Projects

Hilltop.Church receives offerings online to assist with projects we support beyond the local community (global missions). This is giving over-and-above our regular Ongoing Giving.

To learn more about Hilltop.Church’s overseas missions projects please contact the church office using the contact form here and include 'Missions Projects' in the subject field.

One Off Giving and Bequests

Often, a person may give a one-off amount to a particular project or as General Giving. To enquire about this or in regards to giving a bequest from an estate please contact our office using the contact form here. Bequests are a very good way of leaving a lasting legacy.

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